Kalkidan Mehar (left) and Ido Aviv (right)
Kalkidan Mehar (left) and Ido Aviv (right)courtesy of families

The IDF published this evening (Tuesday) the results of the investigation of the incident in which two soldiers were killed in a building explosion in central Gaza yesterday (Monday) and found that their deaths were the result of friendly fire.

Master Sergeant (res.) Ido Aviv, 28, a resident of Carmiel and a soldier in Battalion 9232, and Master Sergeant (res.) Kalkidan Meharim, 37, a resident of Petach Tikva, were both killed in the incident.

The investigation found that after a tank commander suspected that there were terrorists in the building in which Kalkidan and Ido were positioned, and as a result of the firing of a tank shell, the soldiers were killed and two others were wounded.

The tragic mistake was made during a battle against Hamas terrorists who were firing mortars and anti-tank missiles at the IDF forces. The tank accidentally fired at the wrong building during the firefight.

In addition to the two soldiers who were wounded in the friendly fire incident, another soldier was wounded by an anti-tank missile.