The fire in Beitar Illit
The fire in Beitar IllitFire and Rescue Services

Firefighters and firefighting volunteers from the Judea regional fire station on Friday night worked to extinguish a fire which broke out in a synagogue on Rabbi Akiva Street in Beitar Illit.

An apartment near the synagogue was also affected, and the fire caused heavy damage to the property.

The firefighters succeeded in gaining control of both fires.

Firefighter Lihai Ben Lulu said, "At about midnight, we received a report regarding a building which was going up in flames on Rabbi Akiva Street. We immediately set out for the site, in large numbers. Upon arrival at the scene we identified a building which was used as a synagogue, adjacent to a residential apartment which was going up in flames."

"The flames were licking stories above the source of the fire, and there was concern that it would spread to additional apartments. We immediately began acting to extinguish the flames, while at the same time searching for anyone trapped. An additional team ascended to the upper floors, ordered residents to close themselves in their homes, and worked to control the flames and release the heat and smoke. Upon extinguishing the flames, we searched once more in order to ensure there was no one trapped."

Firefighter Tamir Erez, commander of the fire station, said, "Last Thursday, there was another fire in the city of Beitar Illit - a fire which ended without costing in lives, but with great damage to property. In this fire as well, no one was killed thanks to the firefighters' efforts. I beg of you, install fire detectors - it saves lives."