Pro-Palestinian signs at Indiana University
Pro-Palestinian signs at Indiana UniversityReuters/USA TODAY NETWORK

Daniel Greenfield is an Israeli-born journalist who writes for conservative publications.

(JNS) Hamas is a sanctioned Islamic terrorist organization. It’s illegal to provide aid to it. And for non-citizens, especially foreign students on visas, supporting terrorists is a deportable offense.

And yet after six months of pro-Hamas rallies on college campuses and in major cities, not a single foreign student appears to have been deported.

The latest Hamas occupations at Yale and Columbia have stopped even pretending to be anything other than outright support for an illegal terrorist group and its ongoing murder of Jews.

Jewish students have been assaulted. Campus rabbis have told Jewish students to stay home for their safety. The Hamas supporters have been recorded on video threatening Jewish students and shouting antisemitic slurs. The media has continued to cover up what’s happening while insisting that Columbia had “peaceful protesters against genocide” arrested.

Pro-Israel groups and Jewish organizations opposed to antisemitism have focused on the mistreatment of Jewish students.

But this goes well beyond Jews.

“Students walking by the main library, Butler, might have heard “From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab!” or “There is no god but Allah, and the martyr is Allah’s beloved!” Anyone walking near the gates on Broadway and 116th probably heard them yelling, “Al-Qassam make us proud, kill another soldier now!”

Widespread support for any Islamic terrorist group, even one that isn’t focused on terrorizing a particular minority group in America, whether it’s Jews, Hindus or anyone else, should not be tolerated.


We learned that lesson the hard way with the Blind Sheikh and the original World Trade Center bombing along with larger plans to target everything from the Statue of Liberty to bridges and tunnels.

There’s no room for enemy agents in America. The terrorists we harbor will eventually turn on us, whether it’s the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group at the heart of Al Qaeda and its various early attacks in America) or other Islamist operations around the world like the one that led to the Manchester concert bombing in the United Kingdom.

Every non-citizen who publicly supports Islamic terrorist groups should be deported.

Every naturalized citizen who publicly supports Islamic terrorist groups should be denaturalized and then deported.

It’s the plain and simple law. No administration has chosen to enforce it, but that needs to change.

A few arrests followed by desk appearance tickets are not going to make the Hamas occupations of the Ivy League go away.

Start deporting the campus terrorists and suddenly the occupations will go away.