Police chase (illustrative)
Police chase (illustrative)Police spokesperson

A police officer suffered light to moderate injuries on Wednesday afternoon, as he pursued a driver who refused to stop for a routine inspection.

During a enforcement activity, a police officer riding a motorcycle in Ashdod signaled to a suspicious driver in a vehicle to stop at the side of the road for inspection. However, the suspect refused to stop, and began driving wildly and hitting other vehicles.

The suspicious driver then realized that his escape route was blocked, and began driving backwards towards the police officer who was following him, and hit the officer. It is believed that the hit was intentional.

The police officer then felt his life was in danger, and fired towards the driver, who continued trying to escape. The officer was evacuated to the hospital in light to moderate condition.

Large numbers of police forces began searching for the suspect, and found him with another person on a different street in the city, suffering what seemed to be gunshot wounds. The two were evacuated for medical treatment.