Major General Aharon Haliva, chief of the IDF's Military Intelligence Directorate
Major General Aharon Haliva, chief of the IDF's Military Intelligence DirectorateIDF spokesperson

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to follow in the footsteps of Major General Aharon Haliva, chief of the IDF's Military Intelligence Directorate, who today (Monday) announced his intention to resign following the intelligence failures of October 7.

"The resignation of the IDF Intelligence Directorate head is justified and respectable. Prime Minister Netanyahu should have done the same," Lapid wrote on X.

Earlier, Yesh Atid MK Vladimir Beliak also wrote on X: “IDF Intelligence Directorate head was wise to resign. A state inquiry committee must be established without delay. The Prime Minister must resign immediately, regardless of the establishment of a state inquiry committee."

Haliva is the first official to announce his resignation in the wake of October 7. In light of a decision by IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and with the approval of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Haliva will terminate his role and leave the IDF, after a replacement has been found and appointed in an organized and professional fashion.

In a letter announcing his decision, Haliva emphasized his great appreciation for the work of those serving in the Military Intelligence Directorate during the course of the war. Halevi thanked Haliva for his work over the course of his 38 years in the IDF, during which he contributed greatly, both as a soldier and as a commander, to the State of Israel's security.

"On Saturday, October 7, Hamas carried out a murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel," Haliva wrote in his letter. "The Intelligence Directorate under my watch did not stand up to the task with which we were entrusted."

"Now, after more than half a year has passed, and with the start of the investigations, I request to end my role and leave the IDF, following the completion of a stage in the investigations and after a Military Intelligence Directorate chief is appointed to lead the excellent people in the Directorate during the coming years."

Haliva also called for the creation of a governmental investigative committee, writing, "I am convinced, for the sake of the State of Israel, for the sake of the nation of Israel and future generations, that it would appropriate to create a governmental investigative committee which will be able to investigate and clarify, in a thorough, deep, comprehensive, and profound fashion, all of the bodies and circumstances which led to these difficult events."