The search area
The search areaTPS

The police arrested tonight (Sunday) eight people who took part in the searches for Binyamin Achimeir, may his memory be blessed, last Saturday.

Near 4:00 AM, the police raided the homes of these eight individuals at various locations--Yitzhar, Rehovot, Shilo, and Havat Gilad. In the last hour, the police started releasing them, some under conditions.

The detainees, most of them married and with families, rushed to the field last Saturday to assist in the searches for the boy Binyamin Achimeir. They participated in searches and roadblocks as part of the search and out of concern for abduction.

It should be noted that the murderers of the boy have not yet been arrested. The detainees were investigated for various offenses including arson and property damage.

Lawyers Daniel Shimshilashvili and Nati Rom from the Honenu legal aid organization, arrived at the police station and provided legal assistance to the detainees. After their investigation, some of the detainees were released.