Eternal Warriors of Judah in Gaza
Eternal Warriors of Judah in GazaIDF

According to NGO Monitor, an organization named DAWN has been acting recently with the aim of pressuring the American government to impose sanctions on Israeli military personnel and units in the IDF, as reported by the newspaper 'Israel Hayom.'

For example, in April 2023, the organization sent a memo to the U.S. State Department calling for sanctions against a military judge and the military secretary of President Isaac Herzog.

Shortly after the event in October, the organization filed a private complaint with the State Department against the Netzach Yehuda battalion and its commanders. In December 2023, it sent a list of 40 Israeli officers to the Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, demanding an investigation against them. Among other things, a public campaign was conducted in which their pictures and personal details were distributed.

NGO Monitor reported that several senior employees and board members of the organization have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and they expressed support for the terrorist organization Hamas. Others are former senior members of extreme anti-Israel organizations, with a history of antisemitic statements and support for terrorist attacks.

One of the employees is a senior member of the human rights division of the U.S. State Department who resigned and joined the organization in protest over the fact that the U.S. sold arms to Israel after October 7. About two months ago, he admitted on CNN that he indeed used to receive information from anti-Israel organizations during his work at the State Department.

Last night, Axios reported that the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is expected to announce sanctions against the IDF's 'Netzach Yehuda' battalion in the coming days.

The sanctions are due to "human rights violations of Palestinians" across Judea and Samaria. It would be the first time ever that the US government has imposed sanctions on an Israeli military unit.

The sources noted that the American sanctions would prohibit transferring American military aid to the 'Netzach Yehuda' battalion, prevent its soldiers and officers from participating in training with the U.S. army, or participating in activities funded by the US.

Prime Minister Netanyahu commented, "It is forbidden to impose sanctions on the Israel Defense Forces. I have been acting in recent weeks against imposing sanctions on Israeli citizens, including in my talks with senior officials of the American government. At a time when our soldiers are fighting terror monsters, the intention to impose sanctions on an IDF unit is the height of absurdity and a low of values. The government under my leadership will act with all means against these moves."

The National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir said that "the report that the US intends to impose sanctions on the 'Netzach Yehuda' battalion is very serious and constitutes a violation of limits. I expect Defense Minister Yoav Gallant not to succumb to American dictates - they need to be fully supported! If the Defense Ministry will not support the battalion as required, I will ask to integrate them into the Israeli Police and the Ministry of National Security, where we will welcome them as heroes.

The chairman of the Religious Zionism Party and the Minister of Finance, Bezalel Smotrich emphasized that "the decision to impose American sanctions on the IDF while Israel is fighting for its existence is absolute insanity. We warned that the Biden administration's sanctions against the settlers would extend to the IDF and all of Israel. This is part of a planned move to force the State of Israel to agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state and to forsake Israel's security."

Minister Benny Gantz, responded, "The 'Netzach Yehuda' battalion is an integral part of the IDF. It operates according to military law, and it complies with international law. The State of Israel has a strong and independent legal system, which knows how to investigate and examine any breach of law or deviation from IDF orders, and this is also done. I have great appreciation for our American friends, but imposing sanctions on the unit is a dangerous precedent, and also sends a wrong message to our common enemies during war time. I will act to ensure that this decision does not pass."