Ahmad Tibi
Ahmad TibiTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Professor Nadira Shalhoub-Kevorkian from the Hebrew University was released on bail (Friday) by the order of the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, thereby rejecting the police's request to keep her detained.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian was arrested following her incitement 'to abolish Zionism' and an expression casting doubt on the accusations of rape during the October 7th massacre.

Member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi (Ta'al) responded, saying, 'This court is a theater of the absurd, since the Israeli police claims were that Dr. Nadira spoke against Zionism and that there are pictures in her house depicting the soldiers as occupiers. Firstly, they are soldiers of occupation, and secondly, it is allowed to describe Zionism as racist, and for example, haredi Knesset members describe it as racist and demand its abolition.'

The news site 'Buchra' added that MK Tibi further noted on this matter, 'It was clear that the detention was a political arrest orchestrated by Ben-Gvir, therefore, it is McCarthyism, and to the judge who was not convinced by the police claim that she constitutes a danger to the public, and therefore ordered her release."

According to him, 'There is no doubt that what we saw today is a continuation of hundreds of detentions since the October 7th massacre, in an attempt to muzzle the public, and to damage the freedom of expression that has not existed since then, and anyone who accuses Israel of committing war crimes or crimes of occupation is punished.'