Ayman al-Safadi
Ayman al-SafadiReuters

Joranian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi has urged the world to focus on the "aggression against Gaza," instead of on tensions with Iran.

"The danger of escalation and expansion of the war on Gaza regionally increases with every moment during which the aggression against Gaza continues, the oppression deepens, the occupation is consolidated in the West Bank, including the occupied Jerusalem, and the prospects for a political solution become more absent," al-Safadi wrote.

"Signs of this escalation became clear a few days ago, when Iran responded to Israel's bombing of its consulate in Damascus."

On Saturday night, Iran launched over 350 drones and missiles towards Israel. The vast majority - 99% - were shot down, with just 30 crossing into Israeli territory. Only one person, a Bedouin child, was injured in the barrage.

At about 3:30a.m. on Friday morning, Iranian media reported that three unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted over Isfahan at 3:30 a.m. local time. The report said that they were destroyed in the air.

Three Iranian sources confirmed to the New York Times that the air base in Isfahan was hit in the attack. Israeli sources have confirmed the strike, though there has been no official confirmation issued.

Bloomberg reported that Israel informed the US earlier in the day that the response to the Iranian attack would occur within 24-48 hours.