The destroyed Erez checkpoint
The destroyed Erez checkpointDefense Ministry

The Tzav 9 protest group, named for one of the laws allowing the drafting of reserve soldiers, claims that Israel is allowing construction vehicles into Gaza along with humanitarian supplies.

The group has been among the most active in organizing protests to block the roads for aid convoys to Gaza. Its protests have proven so effective as to be one of the causes for establishing a pier to land aid by sea.

"Far from the eyes of the Israeli public, complete insanity is underway. Luxury items are being delivered to Hamas. A massive and efficient system is working out of all proportion to give [Hamas leader Yahya] Sinwar room to breathe," the movement claimed.

"This morning, dozens of trucks of dump trucks were brought to the Erez crossing to rebuild it and allow additional supplies to Hamas, who only half a year ago destroyed Erez and from it departed to carry out the October 7th massacre."