Flag over Kotel Plaza
Flag over Kotel PlazaCourtesy

The Jew, too, has a trinity: The Jewish Trinity, based on knowing there is a G-d, consists of the Torah , Land and People and these three facets are inextricably tied to one another. Each one strengthens the other.

When we are secure in the Land the people flourish-

When we are strong in Torah The People and The Land flourish-and

When we are secure in our unity all three flourish: Torah, Land and People.

Our trinity is where the honor, glory and true meaning of a Jewish People are centered.

David, King of IsraelR/Randy/Yisroel Settenbrino

So why does the Jew refuse to simply flourish?

Jews often hide behind the affliction of others so as not to identify as victims. Many have an apprehension to internalizing collective pain and turn to activism or cover the stain of antisemitism with popular causes. Often, a Jew will move heaven and earth, raise support and rally for relief for the oppression of other peoples while his Jewish brothers and sisters are mistreated, held subject to the climate of host cultures and neighbors, who often are obvious and sometimes concealed in their malintent.

Jews were conscripted en masse in a multitude of wars in Eastern Europe; some clung to communism as an exit door from their responsibilities and never did they call them brat, only Zhid.

Jews rallied, collected funds fought politically, some died in the effort for civil rights. Yet, there is no mass movement against antisemitism from the once segregated segment, and indeed many stand together with the mixed multitudes of haters calling out “from the river to the sea…”

Jews who want to melt away think they can evaporate in a globalist world where we are all one; they are oblivious that the Islamist will never melt, and will be as the Hadith says. He will lie in wait to kill the last Jew that hiding behind a tree. This Hadith will come when hell freezes over.

Moses, Aaron and Hur battle Amalek/Randy/Yisroel Settenbrino

Islamist, be careful what you prophesize. Cohorts, be discerning about ignorantly supporting rapist-murderers who sexually mutilate their victims post-mortem.

Let the world be on notice that the Jew will nevermore drown in a sea of antisemitism, waiting for a rescuer.

Jew haters of the world, be they in Harvard, Yale or Timbuktu, no matter how disappointing, consternating, and uncomfortable it is, you cannot intimidate the Jew back into the ovens of Auschwitz.

Heaven receives the Fogel family Hy"d/Randy/Yisroel Settenbrino

The Jews are forever tied to the Holy Land and have their boots firmly on the ground to protecting the trinity of Torah, Land and People, so if you want to come and kill the Jew then get your boots on, but it will be you who will die trying.

Yisroel Randy Settenbrino is an Artist & Developer and owns The Historic Blue Moon Hotel on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.