The United Nations Security Council today (Thursday) discussed the Palestinian Authority's bid to achieve full member-state status at the UN.

The US announced that it opposes the measure and would exercise its veto power against it should the Council vote on the matter tomorrow.

Earlier, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan strongly criticized the Security Council for considering admitting the PA as a full member state six months after the Hamas massacre of October 7.

“How detached from reality can this Council be to dedicate its time and resources to support a resolution so disconnected to the reality on the ground? To a resolution that will have zero positive impact for any party, that will cause only destruction for years to come, and harm any chance for future dialogue? The rapists and murderers of the children watch this debate from Gaza and smile. There is no greater reward for terrorism than this debate,” Erdan said.

"Did anyone hear any Palestinian leader even condemn the massacre of our children?" he asked.

He noted that "the Palestinian Authority not only have not condemned the October 7th Massacre, they are also paying monthly salaries to all the terrorists that took part in it, rewarding the rapists. This is a genocide-loving entity that doesn’t deserve any status here…If this resolution passes, God forbid, this Council should no longer be known as the Security Council, but as the Terror Council.”

“The only thing that a forced, unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State will do is to make any future negotiations almost impossible. As long as the Palestinians feel that they can exploit this politicized body to their benefit, why would they bother at the negotiating table or support any compromise? The Palestinians rejected any peace plan and continue to support terrorism and boycott any negotiations. And now they know that their refusal is paying off!

Ambassador Erdan called on the Council, “Please, do not give in to politics. Do not support this dangerous resolution.”

Ambassador Erdan harshly criticized the openness and inviting attitude of the UN towards Iran and the invitation of the Iranian Foreign Minister a few days after the attack on Israel and despite its involvement in the October 7 massacre, “…it is the Ayatollah Regime that launched an unprecedented attack at Israel, a fellow UN Member State, less than a week ago. Yet instead of designating the IRGC as a terror organization and sanctioning Iran’s evil regime, the Security Council opens its doors for Iran’s foreign minister – for a terrorist."

He asked, "Can you not see what is going on here? Terror Minister Abdollahian is not here to express sorrow for his regime’s brazen attack and tell this Council that the Islamic Republic has changed its ways. He is here to make a mockery of you. He is here to show you all – in your suits and with your diplomatic niceties – that his country can launch an attack on another Member State on Saturday, and then he can come here on Thursday to lecture you all on human rights and international law.”

“Minister Abdollahian’s presence here today is making this institution a joke! Sadly, it is clear to every dictator and terror state that the UN has lost every ounce of justice, and it is now a blob of politicized plasticine that can be molded however the tyrants choose.

“The day will come when this organization will be shuttered. The UN as we know it will cease to exist and in its place will stand a body that truly cares about human rights. That truly fights to promote peace. That is capable of putting politics aside, for the sake of justice, morality, and humanity. And when that day comes – and it will – this meeting and the vote to force the establishment of a Palesti-Nazi state will be remembered as catalysts of the UN’s collapse," Erdan said.