A senior member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Ahmad Haghtalab, who is responsible for Iran's nuclear security, today (Thursday) delivered a threatening message to deter Israel from attacking the country and added that Tehran may reexamine its nuclear policy.

Officially, over the years, in Iran it has been claimed that the nuclear program is not used to obtain nuclear weapons but for research and peaceful purposes, even though it has enriched uranium far beyond levels that have any non-military purposes in addition to other activity that has no civilian purpose.

Hagetalev said that "a review of our nuclear doctrine and politics as well as considerations previously communicated is entirely possible."

In addition, he said that the various nuclear facilities are under full security against the possibility of Israel attacking them.

Hagetaleb conveyed another threatening message and said that in the event that Israel responds to Iran's massive attack over the last weekend, Iran is ready to launch powerful missiles to destroy designated targets in Israel. Our hands are on the trigger."

On Saturday night, Iran launched an unprecedented direct attack on Israel, launching over 300 attack UAVs, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles at the Jewish State. Nearly all of the projectiles were intercepted by Israel's air defense systems and air force, as well as through the cooperation of the US, UK, France, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

The Israeli government has vowed to retaliate for the historic attack, but has not done so yet.