Fighters on the north border
Fighters on the north borderIDF

Right-wing activist Noam Federman, whose son David was injured yesterday (Wednesday) in a Hezbollah attack on the Western Galilee and whose two other sons were previously wounded in the war, gave an interview to Radio 103FM and updated on his son’s condition.

"When he woke up from the surgery and anesthesia, his first question was 'What happened between Real Madrid and Manchester City,'" he shared.

He later referred to the Hezbollah attack in which his son was injured: "Everyone saw the pictures of the precision missiles, which, by the way, was a foreseeable move. The entire neighborhood sees that there is no response to Iran, and Hezbollah concludes from this that it is possible to intensify the means, and that is what it is doing. It's a result of the government's helplessness."

Federman added and talked about his son’s condition: "He was hit by shrapnel in the spleen, they removed his spleen, he also has some injury to his hand, it's unclear whether it's temporary or more serious. They will know more later. I consoled him and told him that the fighters of Bar Kokhba removed their spleen themselves to fight better. When you have no spleen you run better, your endurance is greater, you don't feel any fatigue, etc. It's also dangerous because if you're running a marathon and you don't feel tired, you could collapse."

Regarding the fact that David is the third son of the Federman family to be injured since October 7, he said: "I'm not one of those who like to do these kinds of inventory counts. The first son Elkanah was a security guard in Nova, he evacuated injured people from the junction there, and then he came back to the party. Then the famous tank arrived, and he was severely injured, he couldn't function, he handed my son the weapon and my son charged at the terrorists until he ran out of bullets, he took a gun from a policeman, shot some more, and then he himself got shot and made the decision of his life - to run while thousands of bullets were firing at him, with a bullet in his thigh, he became a target.

"He is in the reserves in the Gaza region, he has been inside Gaza twice since. He feels committed, and he always asks to volunteer wherever possible, also to eliminate the enemy. Ilai, the second son, is a D9 driver, it is now the first one on the frontline. The tanks and then the infantry follow him. He was in the area of Khan Yunis when a terrorist with an RPG appeared. He saw it with his eyes. He took the RPG and continued towards the terrorist and then he evacuated himself, not before directing the soldiers to keep working. After a few weeks, he returned to the Southern Brigade. David was injured yesterday."

He addressed the criticism of the National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir of the War Cabinet following the attack and said: "He is also in the cabinet, so it's a bit funny that he is giving criticism while he is part of it. Either he should go out and state his criticism or stay inside and shut up. You are part of it, if you don't want to be part - get out, it's very simple.

"In general, I try not to give criticism, I really tried, for a long period. But from last week it's simply a disaster, the lack of reaction against Iran just invites, it invited this precision missile attack. The Middle East doesn't operate like Sweden. We need to attack on three fronts. All this concept that first of all let's finish with this, Rafah, yes, no, all the hesitations, it doesn't work. We are in the Middle East, gentlemen, we are in a tough neighborhood, and in a tough neighborhood we need to act like a bully."