The mother and the brother of Rom Braslavski, a security guard at the Supernova festival, joined Real Talk host Hadassah Chen to talk about their ordeal since the October 7th massacre.

“He was initially reported missing. He spoke to me at 10:00 a.m. on the morning, from somebody else's phone. He said to me ‘Mom, don't worry, I'm safe, we are with soldiers. I realized later the was that he came under attack from the terrorists around them,” his mother Tami recalls.

As the attack reached him, Rom proved his heroism: “We had a lot of evidence from people at the festival that he was caring for everybody else before himself. He risked his life even for the bodies of young girls. l to keep them from being violated or taken to Gaza. He understood the situation.”

As brave as he was, he was also kind: “Rom was a mama’s boy. He said yes to whatever I asked for. He's a tough guy, though, and I know that he will survive.”

His younger brother Ziv says that the world has lost sight of the hostage issue. “In their minds, we are attacking Gaza. They are playing the victim. We are fighting for our hostages in Gaza - we don't want to kill people, we want to save our hostages.”

He recounts hearing about his brother: “They didn't tell me everything about it. I know he saved a lot of people, and that he hasn't come home yet. That never happens - he always comes home. I still don't believe this happened.”

“We used to share a room. He wanted his space, and when he got a place of his own, he went to Mommy to kiss her and hug her and say “Mom, I have a home of my own!” Even so, he would always come home for Shabbat.”

Ziv says his picture of his brother remains unchanged. “I know what he's like. I can imagine him. Other people that get kidnapped call out ‘Mom, help, I'm dying’, but Rom actually calmed down and laughed, even when he was in danger.”

The massacre has brought Ziv some incredible experiences: “President Herzog is my friend. He always listens and always tries to help.”

Tami says that they have grown close to families of other hostages: “We have met them, and we are in touch with them. We talk about the situation and about what we are going to do to make them come home.”

Tami addressed the problem of other causes using the hostages for their own ends. “I believe in my government. I believe the army. I think that all this protesting is because they don't like Netanyahu. I actually have a few things that I want to tell him myself, but they will do anything to make him resign.”

Ziv says that the first he wants to do when his brother returns is hug him. “I am not going to give Mom a chance to hug him for ten minutes. Then maybe play soccer or basketball.”

Tami made a few simple requests of Jews around the world: “Pray to God and stand with Israel. Make sure our side is being told as well, and do not let people forget what happened or that the hostages have not yet returned.”