Footage of thousands of Gazans enjoying the beach at Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip caused great anger in Israel.

"While Israeli citizens are preparing bomb shelters and buying generators, and at least 100,000 civilians are evacuated from their homes in the north and south of the country, and most importantly 133 hostages are still in Gaza, residents of Deir al-Balah demonstrate what 'a step from absolute victory' looks like," one social media user commented.

Journalist Barak Ravid wrote: "It must be said that there is no longer a war in Gaza. Maybe there is partial and limited fighting. Maybe Israeli TV channels will also report on this eventually."

"Netanyahu, don't say you didn't know," one user tweeted. "In our country, there are places that can't be reached. And until residents return, they suffer attacks as residents returning to their bombed homes. And in Gaza they relax on the beach... Beautiful. A step from victory."

The Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, responded to the footage: "In Gaza - pictures of thousands bathing at the beach. In the north - Hezbollah saw that the Misconception Cabinet did not respond to an attack of hundreds of missiles from Iran to Israel, so they raised their heads and increased their aggression against us, which cost us in wounded soldiers today."

Ben-Gvir added: "The time has come to dismantle that Cabinet, to stop the policy of containment and proportionality, and to show our enemies that we have had enough. As long as the current policy of that Cabinet continues, unfortunately, the absolute victory is getting further away."

A user named Liron Samuels commented: "If this is what the beach at Deir Al-Balah looks like, there probably is no war." Another user wrote: "Now it's clear why they provoked Iran. To divert public attention from the lack of fighting in Gaza to continue fighting against Iran."

The Torat Lehima organization commented: "The terrible lynching video of our abducted brother Jordan Bibas by 'residents of Gaza' on the same day that a video comes out of 'residents of Gaza' bathing in the sea while he is in captivity, demonstrates the atrocity of the Misconception Cabinet towards our abducted brothers and sisters, supplying trucks of aid to these savages. These 'residents of Gaza' are murderous terrorists. There is not one of them that is innocent. Aid to Gaza is aid to the enemy."