PM Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe BidenReuters

Egyptian sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the US agreed to accept Israel's plan for an operation in Rafah - so long as Israel does not carry out a widescale strike on Iranian soil.

The source said that his country's military is on high alert along the Gaza-Egypt border, in preparation for a potential ground incursion by the IDF into Rafah.

According to the source, Egypt raised its alert level following a lengthy conversation with Israel and the understanding that the IDF is carrying out intensive preparations for a widescale operation in the area.

On Wednesday, ABC News quoted three Israeli sources as saying that Israel prepared for and then aborted retaliatory strikes against Iran on at least two nights this past week.

According to the report, a range of responses to the drone and missile attack have been presented to the Israeli War Cabinet. The potential responses include options ranging from attacking Iranian proxies in the region but not on Iranian soil to a potential cyber attack, the sources said.

In addition, a senior US official told ABC News that Israel is unlikely to carry out a strike on Iran until after Passover, which begins at sundown on Monday, although that could always change.