The aftermath of the October 7th massacre
The aftermath of the October 7th massacreHaim Goldberg/ Flash 90

The government on Wednesday unanimously approved The Tekuma Authority's strategic five-year plan to rebuild the communities in the Western Negev and the plan is now underway.

"Today, the Government has approved the Tekuma Plan to rebuild the communities in the Western Negev. We will invest a very large sum of NIS 19 billion in order to move the communities of the Western Negev forward for generations. We will invest in housing, infrastructure, education, employment, health and more," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated.

The Hamas terrorists sought to uproot us. We will uproot them and deepen our roots. We will build the Land of Israel and safeguard our state," he added.

Tekuma Authority Director Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Moshe Edri stated: "Today is the historic day on which we are starting the strategic five-year plan that will bring rehabilitation, rebuilding, growth, prosperity, and hope for the region and its residents.

"I thank the Prime Minister; the council heads in the region; the communities and residents in the city of Sderot, the communities and the kibbutzim; and the various Government ministries for their joint work; and for the confidence that has been given to us as an authority to formulate a plan that will bring good news to the region, the councils, the communities, the families and the citizens of the entire State of Israel."

Edri explained: "With the approval of the plan, we are starting to implement it and carry it out including its plans and flagship projects. Just as we formulated the plan with the communities and the Government ministries, we will also work with them and in cooperation with the third sector, the business sector, and philanthropists, to implement it and bring the region to a positive, prosperous, and attractive area.

"The plan is spread over the next five years; already in the coming years, we will start to see the rebuilding, the rehabilitation, the growth, and the prosperity we intend."