IDF soldiers on the northern border
IDF soldiers on the northern borderDavid Cohen/Flash90

The IDF has cleared for publication that 14 IDF reservists were wounded, six severely, in a UAV and missile strike on Arab al-Aramshe.

The IDF stated: "Over the past few hours, a number of anti-tank missile and UAV launches were identified crossing from Lebanese territory toward the community of Arab al-Aramshe in northern Israel. As a result of the attack, six soldiers were severely injured, two moderately injured and six others were lightly injured. The soldiers were evacuated to receive medical treatment and their families have been notified. The IDF struck the sources of fire."

It added: "A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah military compounds and terror infrastructure in the areas of Naqoura and Yarine in southern Lebanon."

18 individuals were wounded as a result of the UAV strike on a community center and a vehicle in Arab al-Aramshe. Among those who were wounded were IDF soldiers and members of the community's civilian emergency security team.

The IDF estimates that the strike was retaliation to the elimination of senior Hezbollah commanders on Tuesday. It is investigating why the drone was not intercepted.

It estimated that the UAV that exploded was an Iranian-made HESA Ababil drone. The Hezbollah terror group claimed responsibility for the launches, saying that the rockets had a high amount of explosives and were very heavy. The terror group also claimed that they had been launched towards a military target.

No siren sounded prior to the strikes. While first responders were caring for the victims, sirens sounded twice more in Arab al-Aramshe.