The Iranian attack on Israel
The Iranian attack on IsraelJamal Awad, Flash 90

Leading Religious Zionist rabbis from the rabbinic Torat Ha'aretz Hatova organization have penned a letter to all communities in Israel, urging thanksgiving for the miracle which occurred following Iran's massive aerial attack on Israel.

In the Saturday night attack, Iran launched over 350 UAVs, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles towards Israel. The vast majority were shot down outside of Israel's borders. Only one person, a Bedouin child, was injured in the attacks,

In their letter, the rabbis said, "This is the day G-d made; we will rejoice and be happy in it."

"After a night of missiles and UAVs, together we will thank the Holy One, Blessed be He, for the miracles He did for us, when He took us out of Egypt and also for the miracles He did for us in this year."

"We turn to the worshipers in the synagogues in all communities in Israel, to say during the morning prayers this coming Shabbat (Sabbath), when the Torah portion of 'Metzora' is read, Psalm 136: 'Praise be to G-d, for He is good, for His kindness is everlasting (the long Hallel).'

"The entire public shall say it together, as one, when the Ark is opened, and thus we will all thank the Holy One, Blessed be He, for all the good and kindness that He has done for us," the rabbis concluded.