Fuel stores (illustrative)
Fuel stores (illustrative)iStock

Dozens of meters underground, in a classified location in the Negev, is a special facility where enormous amounts of fuel are stored for emergency use.

The store is expected to provide sufficient gas and energy even during wartime and during the most extreme scenarios. The container is one of the largest in the State of Israel, and it is in a facility which is the only one of its kind in the entire Middle East.

Moshe Klachin, chairman of the directorate for the Infrastructure Energy Company, told Channel 12 News during a tour of the site that, "We transfer the fuels to every location in the country. We can provide the gas immediately, in a process which takes a few hours."

"We have millions of liters here - a quantity which will suffice for an extended period of time. You can be calm with the amount we have here."

Moshe Elimelech, who runs the facility, said, "The gas here can provide for us for many years. The temperature throughout the entire year is 22 degrees, and that in essence maintains the fuel's shelf life."