Apple has released a partial update to its iPhone software which stops the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag emoji from being suggested when users type the word "Jerusalem", The BBC reported on Tuesday.

The issue had sparked controversy, with critics noting the names of other cities do not prompt flag emojis to appear.

Apple previously told The BBC the flag's appearance when Jerusalem was typed had been inadvertent, claiming the issue related to unintended behavior in a feature called predictive emoji.

Users noticed the PLO flag started being suggested after the company rolled out iOS 17.4.1 - the latest publicly available version of the software on which its mobile devices run.

Apple's apparent resolution is currently only in the "developer beta" version of iOS 17.5 released on Tuesday, according to The BBC.

In the new update no emoji is suggested when a user types "Jerusalem", in line with what happens with other cities. It's not clear when the update will be released more widely.