IDF strikes in southern Lebanon
IDF strikes in southern LebanonIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Numerous sirens were activated along Israel’s northern border this afternoon, and several rockets were fired at Mt. Meron.

The sirens sounded, among other places, in Kiryat Shmona, Meron, Safsufa, Hagoshrim, Beit Hillel, Avdon, Manot, and Eilon. Of ten rockets fired at Mt. Meron, some missed and some were intercepted.

Kiryat Shmona reported four rocket strikes that caused infrastructure damage, light damage to property, and several cars struck by shrapnel. No one was wounded.

Another ten rockets were launched at the Western Galilee region, also causing no wounds.

MDA teams found several places where rocket strikes were reported. No one was found to be wounded. Two people were treated for shock. IDF forces attacked the sources of the rockets.

The attacks followed the assassination of senior Hezbollah officials, including the commander of the coastal region and a senior figure in the rocket and missile branch of the organization.

IDF aircraft also attacked Hezbollah buildings and personnel in several areas in southern Lebanon.