Scene of the attack in Re'eim
Scene of the attack in Re'eimChaim Goldberg/Flash90

The State Control Committee on Tuesday held a meeting discussing the bureaucratic difficulties faced by the survivors of the Nova music festival massacre on October 7, as they attempt to receive treatment for their trauma.

Guy Ben Shimon, a survivor of the massacre said, "There are nearly 50 suicides among the Nova [survivors] - that is a number from two months ago. There are many more who are forcibly admitted."

The Ministry of Health responded that the statement is untrue and that there are less than 10 suicides among those who survived the massacre.

Na'ama Eitan, who also survived the massacre, said, "I participated in a study which checked my heartrate and other parameters and showed me how I really am not okay at all. The average number of hours I sleep each night is two. I spent seven hours under a tree, while terrorists passed beside me and I called the police and asked, 'Where are you? Why is no one coming?' If there is quiet around me, my head is noisy and I go back to there. I need someone to accompany me at all times."

She stressed, "If it weren't for my psychologist, I would not be here. I have friends who have not yet gotten out of bed, and they have no help. Twenty-four treatments? What is that? Nothing! Why do I need to prove to someone what I experienced? Why do I need to prove and explain what happened to me? I was there."

Or Nasa, another survivor, shared, "We don't wake up at night and we can't do anything, and now they come and we need to fill out this form or that form. This could ruin our entire day. We are not able to do anything. A friend stopped working because of a mental breakdown that she experienced, but the National Insurance Institute doctors did not recognize her as suffering a work injury. I need to go to a psychologist but there is an appointment only five months from now."