Journalist and Israel advocate Yoseph Haddad hosted Maayan Bashan, a body language expert, analyzing with her the body language of Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas' diplomatic department, as he was told that three of his sons had been killed in Israeli airstrikes.

The two noted that from the video clip it is clear that Haniyeh had already known about his sons' death when the clip was filmed.

"He is really not a psychopath, and he already knew - absolutely knew - about the deaths of his sons," Bashan said.

The video clip shows Haniyeh crossing his arms, which Bashan explained as "stopping a negative emotion."

"A person who doesn't want to show that he is angry, that he is sad, or any other negative emotion will cross his arms into each other without noticing," she said.

She added, "Note how his thumbs jump. Thumbs are ego in body language, and here we have the ego of the violent side of his personality, alongside the emotional side of the body. So it is clear to me that the game is a beautiful game, but the truth comes out in his body language."

Responding to the news of his sons' death, Haniyeh said, "We will continue on." Haddad questioned if this was true, explaining, "I can tell you that he is falling apart."

Bashan supported this view, drawing attention to Haniyeh's eyes as he said, "We will continue on."

"He closes his eyes and raises his eyebrows. Raising the eyebrows is a micro-expression of surprise, indicating that he is surprised by what is coming out of his mouth," she explained.

"In addition to this, he is closing his eyes, which means he does not agree to continue on.

"Later he will cross his arms again - so much pressure, so much stress. We really see it in his fingertips. You can understand how angry he is, and how hard this is for him."

Haddad summed up the meeting saying, "The conclusion is clear: Hamas' leader is deterred, Hamas' leader is falling apart, and that is exactly my message to everyone: We need to continue at this intensity."