Alan Newman
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Alan Newman is the author of the novel Good Heart and a pro-Israel advocate who holds leadership positions at AIPAC, StandWithUs and other organizations.

(JNS) Before Iran launched its massive missile and drone attack on Israel, U.S. President Joe Biden warned Iran with his familiar one-word declaration: “Don’t!” Iran didn’t take the admonition seriously. This unprecedented aggression is rooted in the failed policies of former President Barack Obama and Biden himself.

It is conventional wisdom that weakness invites aggression.

Unfortunately, before Biden’s welcome participation in defending Israel against Iran’s onslaught, he badly undermined Israel. Biden criticized Israel’s conduct in the war with Hamas, slammed her democratically elected leadership and threatened to place conditions on the delivery of military supplies.

Biden’s decision to abstain on a biased ceasefire resolution vote at the U.N. and the attacks on the Netanyahu government by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed the anti-Israel sentiments within Biden’s own party.

These actions mirrored Obama’s vendetta against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his lame-duck abstention on the defamatory U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334.

-The Obama administration ignored its own red lines in Syria, and the Biden administration disastrously withdrew from Afghanistan. Both embarrassing failures fed the narrative that America is a paper tiger and not to be feared.

-Obama rewarded Iran with a $150 billion payout as part of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal surrender while Biden paid $10 billion for a few hostages and reduced sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

There seems to be a contest between Obama and Biden over who can win more approval from the mullahs.

Moreover, both presidents hollowed out America’s strength by opening our borders to more than 10 million illegal aliens. This encourages our enemies to wonder why we don’t even protect ourselves, let alone our allies.

Israel bleeds on the battlefield while American friendship remains inconsistent, even though it is clear that Hamas is evil. Indeed, Hamas documented its own evil via GoPro-recorded savagery. UNRWA has been outed as a corrupt collaborator with Hamas. We now know that billions of dollars in aid were stolen to build Gaza’s terror infrastructure.

The demonstrations here in America by anti-Israel mobs signal to Iran that it should proceed with its campaign to destroy Israel. This is proof positive that the investment made in our universities by the Arab world has paid huge dividends. Their clever use of woke progressive dogma proves that if you say something often enough and loud enough, people eventually believe it is true.

History shows that a superpower’s ability to project power is as important as its armaments and troops in uniform. When enemies believe that you will not defend your allies, they conclude that tough talk is nothing but hot air.

It may be that Obama and Biden have set us on a disastrous course towards regional war.