Chief of Staff Halevi
Chief of Staff HaleviIDF Spokesperson

Today (Monday), the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, visited the Nevatim Airbase with the Commanding Officer of the Nevatim Airbase, Brig. Gen. Yotam Sigler. During the visit, the Chief of the General Staff toured F-35I Adir Squadron (140) and held discussions with aircrews and commanders of the squadron, who participated in thwarting and intercepting the Iranian attack against Israel as part of Operation "Iron Shield."

“Over the weekend, Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel. Over 350 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, armed drones and rockets were fired from Iranian soil — as well as Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon — towards the State of Israel," Halevi said.

He declared: "Across the skies of the Middle East — a coalition was activated to counter this attack.

"Marking the start of the IDF’s Operation: ‘Iron Shield. The Israel Defense Forces — together with the United States Central Command; the British Armed Forces; the French Armed Forces, and other partners — operated together in real-time — in the air, on the ground and at sea," he said.

"Defense systems were activated; the threats were intercepted — and Iran’s attack on Israel failed. Operation Iron Shield proved the strength of our iron-clad cooperation.

"I want to thank all our international partners who stood up to Iran’s aggression. Iran’s attack has created new opportunities for cooperation in the Middle East," the Chief of Staff said.

He stated: "We are closely assessing the situation. We remain at our highest-level of readiness. Iran will face the consequences for its actions. We will choose our response accordingly."

"The IDF remains ready to counter any threat from Iran and its terror proxies as we continue our mission to defend the State of Israel,” Halevi concluded.