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Antisemitic users on the X social network, as well as an Australian channel posted a picture of a man named Benjamin Cohen, claiming that he was responsible for the murder of six people in the Westfield Bondi Junction murder in Sydney.

After a loud uproar, the Australian channel issued an official apology and Cohen, whose photo was also published on social media accounts, decided to file a lawsuit against them.

Some of the users were quick to publish apologies while others chose to open a crowdfunding account, to help them in their legal defense against Cohen.

On Monday night the Sydney police published the findings of the investigation, according to which the Saturday massacre was directed against women, with a total of five women and the security guard of the mall dead.

"It's clear to me and the detectives that the attacker seemed to have focused on women and avoided men. The videos show a clear picture. That's definitely our line of investigation," said Karen Webb, local police chief.

Also, after several days during which antisemitic sources claimed that Cohen was the murderer, the police announced that the murderer was Joel Cauchi, a 40 year old man who suffered from mental problems.

Police officer Amy Scott, who arrived at the scene, killed the attacker and put a stop to the killing spree.