Brigadier General Effi Eitam
Brigadier General Effi EitamKoby Richter: TPS

In an interview with Nadav Perry's podcast, Brigadier General Effi Eitam spoke about accountability and claimed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Israel's other leaders, must vacate their positions after the war.

"The Prime Minister, like the entire leadership of Israel on October 7th, will have to show accountability. I believe that at some point he will have to vacate his seat," said Eitam. "In any case, every person must be ready to vacate their seat. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to imagine that anyone will be able to escape accountability, so this is quite clear."

He further added that "just as we made a conscious decision not to remove the Chief of Staff from his position, even the head of the IDF intelligence corps, who I think should have been removed a long time ago, while this would not have affected the IDF system, the Chief of Staff is not the same - that's why I think that right now until the ‘click’ is not heard, they are leading Israel together."

Eitam added that the two are leading Israel in the war, knowing that they will end their duties at the end of the war. "This situation involves a profound weakness in the military campaign, knowing that they are a leadership that has failed, and their time is coming to an end. It is not easy."

"I think a lot about Herzi and Bibi who get up every morning and say to themselves, 'Damn, this happened to me. I want to return the country to a better state, but my legacy is sealed with this incident,'" he added.