A Chicago councilwoman came under fire on Sunday after she appeared to cheer Iran’s attack on Israel on social media, but later claimed she hadn’t seen the news of the attack when she made the post, The New York Post reported.

Rossana Rodriguez, a councilwoman representing Chicago’s 33rd ward, posted “Free Palestine” just hours after news began rolling in about Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel on Saturday.

Rodriguez, who has been outspoken about accusing Israel of genocide and demanding a ceasefire since the war in Gaza started following Hamas’ October 7 attack, quickly began facing flack over the post, including from the Israeli consulate in Chicago.

“We condemn in the strongest terms this Chicago Alderwoman's celebration of Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel. This is the same Alderwoman behind the highly controversial ‘ceasefire’ resolution,” the consulate wrote, a reference to a vote in city council on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, which passed by one vote, that of Mayor Brandon Johnson.

“We see a pattern - not aiming for peace, but for Israel's destruction. We hope Mayor Johnson will speak out this time,” it added.

Another commenter wrote to Rodriguez, according to The New York Post, “Can you please discuss the timing of this tweet? I thought you wanted a ceasefire?”

“Very interesting to see the ‘ceasefire now’ crowd celebrate the escalation of the conflict into a regional war,” said another.

Several hours later, Rodriguez defended the timing of her post, claiming she had just gotten off a flight and hadn’t seen the news when she made the post.

“I had just watched a video of Gaza with a father sobbing holding his dead child. This moment is immensely tragic and it’s sad that there’s people choosing to create so much more hate,” she wrote.

“I’ve been saying Free Palestine for decades & specially the last few months. I do not celebrate war or the loss of human life in any way,” she added.