Firing from Iran
Firing from IranJamal Awad/Flash 90

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Sunday that US forces destroyed more than 80 Iranian drones that were fired towards Israel during the Iranian attack on Saturday night.

“On April 13 and the morning of April 14, US Central Command (CENTCOM) forces, supported by US European Command destroyers, successfully engaged and destroyed more than 80 one-way attack uncrewed aerial vehicles (OWA UAV) and at least six ballistic missiles intended to strike Israel from Iran and Yemen,” said the CENTCOM statement.

“This includes a ballistic missile on its launcher vehicle and seven UAVs destroyed on the ground in Iranian-backed Houthi controlled areas of Yemen prior to their launch,” it added.

“Iran's continued unprecedented, malign, and reckless behavior endangers regional stability and the safety of US and coalition forces.”

“CENTCOM remains postured to support Israel’s defense against these dangerous actions by Iran. We will continue to work with all our regional partners to increase regional security,” concluded the statement.

The IDF said on Sunday that out of hundreds of launches from Iran during the attack, only a few missiles crossed into the territory of the State of Israel and caused only minor damage to infrastructure at the Nevatim Airbase near the runway and to a road in the Hermon area.

IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari held a press conference on Sunday, during which he discussed the Iranian attack on Israel.

"Iran and its proxies launched approximately 350 suicide drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles and rockets from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Hezbollah in Lebanon towards Israel, with approximately 60 tons of warheads and explosive materials. But the threat from Iran was met with the aerial, operational, technological, and intelligence superiority of a united defensive coalition of international allies led by the United States, together with Great Britain, France, and other partners. Together, we intercepted 99% of the threats toward Israel. Together, we thwarted Iran's attack. Iran's unprecedented attack was met with an unprecedented defense. This was the first time that such a coalition worked together against the threat of Iran and its proxies in the Middle East, he noted.