Binyamin Ahimeir's mother eulogizes him
Binyamin Ahimeir's mother eulogizes himno credit

Binyamin Achimeir, the teenage shepherd who was brutally murdered by terrorists on Friday while tending to his sheep near Malachai Hashalom in the Binyamin region, was laid to rest today in the Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem.

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, eulogized Binyamin: "Lord of the world, see your children. This is not the first time that we are standing here in front of murdered people who only seek to live in the holy land. I see the innocent and the good faces and say ‘God of the world, these are Your children.”

Rabbi Lau cried out: "Please God, take care of Your children, take care of Your people, take care of Your country. Do for those who want to live here, but are murdered for sanctifying Your name. Stand up for us in this difficult and painful time, continue to take care of us."

Rabbi Uri Zucker, Binyamin's teacher at the Lev Hadash Yeshiva in Shiloh, spoke in tears: "You were murdered by evil terrorists. But we know that it is not the terrorists who took you. There is only One, only God, blessed be He, who takes souls."

Rabbi Zucker added: "God personally plucked this rose and chose the most noble death for him. Now there is a void in the world. This Jewish boy wanted to be a messenger of Hashem (God), blessed be He, on a farm, and in a yeshiva. He did not stay in the yeshiva, because he had to finish his matriculation exams. He wanted to learn Torah."

Binyamin's grandmother, Devora Schwartz paid tribute: "Our sweet, smiling, funny and kind-hearted grandson. Binny, we do not believe that our experiences and conversations with you will remain only in our memories. They say that you were a teenager, a boy, but you were a giant. You were the heart of the family. The entire Jewish People has lost you."

Miriam, Binyamin's mother eulogized her son: "You chose an innocent boy to be a public sacrifice for all of us, an innocent child who has gone to heaven to atone for all of us. You were all heart, Binny. You always thought of others, you always considered others. You made sure not to offend anyone, not even as a joke."

Binny fought bravely against the terrorists and some of his clothing was found near his body, which showed signs of severe violence.

Eliyahu Libman, whose son is being held hostage in Gaza, participated in the search efforts for Binny. Libman said: “This was a most brutal murder. An army drone detected something unusual, sent a landmark and we went to search there. Unfortunately, we found Binny. This was really close to the point from where he went missing. It was a most shocking sight. He had been stoned and there was a large stone full of blood. Three meters away was a knife with blood and another stone with blood, and his smashed cell phone was next to him. This was really cruel. A very difficult scene."

Binny’s teacher, Uri Zucker, spoke to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva and said: “Binyamin did everything big. He didn't go to the farm to have fun, even if he was enjoying himself there. To him, it was important that he was going to do something good for the People of Israel. He wanted to protect the Land of Israel and give himself for the Land of Israel. Binny and I spoke about how to properly combine his work at the farm with his studies. He felt the connection between the farm and Torah."