Zvi Yehezkeli
Zvi YehezkeliIsrael National News

Channel 13 News Arabic affairs correspondent Zvi Yehezkeli claimed that the Iranian attack was prompted by a perception of Israel as weak.

"Israel was stronger before it was tested. This is a gradual process that has reduced Israeli deterrence. Half a year has gone by with the IDF carrying out amazing operations in Gaza, so it isn't that we aren't doing enough. Israel is perceived as weak by Iran and so was attacked. The question is what we expected and what we got. We are dealing with different organizations that must be fought asymmetrically. I think that Iran is more deterred as a country than its proxies are deterred by us.” he told Radio 103FM

He added that Israel could listen to the USA's feelings without acting According to them. “The USA does not want wars, but continues in the same line of thinking - to bring the Middle East to be coalitions and attempt peace with Saudi Arabia. Biden told Israel not to respond. He claims that we have the right to defend ourselves, but if we attack, we will be alone. These lines indicate that we must undertake a Palestinian state, which is an American mistake. They want to end this. The Americans want peace, more or less, which creates a conflict of interests here between them and Israel. The offensive response does not need to happen tomorrow, but will need to happen eventually.”

Regarding Gaza he stated “We need to understand that the game must be played differently. We need to bomb Rafah and cause immigration by choice. There is no other way to end Gaza within the international law that we obey. I have for several months now stated that Sinwar doesn't want a deal. Israel has even agreed to allow refugees to return to northern Gaza with no security checks but to no avail. He understands that the war is for time. Gaza has been destroyed, but we need to solidify our victory. This is a matter of patience.”