Benjamin Achimair
Benjamin AchimairCourtesy of the family

Col. (Res.) Hezi Nehama, the former commander of the Menashe Brigade, participated in the search for the 14-year-old boy Benjamin Achimair who was murdered by terrorists.

In an interview with 103FM, he said that "It was a planned attack. Arabs don’t just wander around there during the day. It was someone who came with the intention to kill from the beginning. He came with a knife and ambushed the young boy".

According to Nehama, "There is a direct connection between the events of October 7th, and this. The line is clear - a whole society wants to destroy us. The social statement of the Palestinians is one of wickedness and a desire to murder, and we must cut this off".

"Certainly, there is a desire to calm the region. Ultimately, healthy people over time encounter incidents they are not supposed to encounter. If they see that deterrence is not being created, they take the law into their hands. To prevent this, it is the government and the IDF's duty to restore deterrence", he concluded.