Dr. Salem Al Ketbi
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Dr. Salem AlKetbi is a UAE political analyst and former Federal National Council candidate

The fight against terrorism is an ongoing, tireless endeavor. Upholding common human values and the pursuit of global peace and stability are universal imperatives to which the UAE is an active and inspiring contributor. Due to the positive reputation enjoyed by the UAE and its wise leadership, campaigns of envy, hatred and hidden hostility have increased.

These are orchestrated by media outlets linked to notorious terrorist organizations with a clear agenda against the UAE. It appears that these derogatory media outlets are often busy neglecting their supposed duties to focus on criticizing and attacking any UAE behavior, stance or statement, especially in relation to the ongoing war in Gaza.

These derogatory and targeted media outlets seek to demonize the UAE, incite hostility and hatred, damage its reputation and distort its image through various means. The reasons for this hatred and resentment in the sick hearts and orchestrated incitement campaigns are well known.

First and foremost is the UAE’s unwavering, clear and unequivocal stance against violence and terrorism, targeting those who fund extremist organizations and countries that support terrorism. The UAE will stick to its unwavering, mountain-tough stance, and will not succumb to any insidious blackmail.

The UAE and its people have made sacrifices, especially the noble martyrs who sacrificed their lives to the malice and cowardice of terrorist organizations.

Interestingly, hatred and animosity have reached a level of absurdity and decay that some biased media have claimed that our noble martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their honorable duty in Somalia have fallen alongside the Israeli army in Gaza.

This is a baseless and cowardly lie that fools no one, but reveals the depth of hatred and deep-seated animosity in the hearts of those we know against the UAE. Anyone who follows the media platforms affiliated with terrorist and extremist organizations, regardless of their origin, will see that they are exploiting the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

They use the disturbing pain caused by a terrorist organization to tarnish the UAE’s reputation and its rightful humanitarian role in the region and internationally.

The UAE is using its channels of communication with the nations of the world to push for the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state.

Recently, I read an article in which the author wondered why the World Summit of Governments did not issue a statement on the events in Gaza. He questioned the credibility of the summit, believing it to be an event that is all about the optics.

Apart from the claim that it was all about the show, which the UAE clearly does not need, it is astonishing that someone who pretends to be an expert in political science has not bothered to read a few lines on the World Government Summit website.

Then he would know a little about the objectives of this annual global event and its important agenda, which addresses critical issues for humanity but does not include discussion of political and security issues.

The Summit is a comprehensive international forum attended by over 25 heads of state and government, 120 government delegations and more than 85 international and regional organizations and institutions.

It also includes a select group of thought leaders, global experts and top scholars from various fields, with more than 4,000 participants in some 110 interactive dialog sessions involving about 200 global personalities, experts, thinkers and world scholars from various disciplines.

The Summit does not issue a final declaration, but serves as a global platform for shaping the future of governments worldwide, focusing on the use of technology and innovation to address the challenges facing humanity.

It facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between governments and strengthens the knowledge aspect of governance to keep pace with developments and anticipate the future. As an observer, I would not exaggerate when I say that the UAE is seriously and firmly at the forefront of countries defending the Palestinian Arabs in the current circumstances.

This is evident in the unprecedented humanitarian, emergency and health assistance that the UAE is providing to Gaza in various forms. It is also evident in the leading international efforts to continue UNRWA’s mission, despite the need to address the fact that some of its members are involved in terrorist activities related to the Hamas terrorist organization’s attack on Israel on October 7.

The UAE is sparing no effort to advocate for the acceleration of aid deliveries to Gaza and to push for the adoption of reconstruction plans in conjunction with an agreement that ensures the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The UAE is using its relationship with Israel to change the reality of the Palestinian Arabs, and has been at the forefront of their efforts over the past two years as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. The UAE has made significant diplomatic efforts to pass a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Although the draft resolution was not passed due to the veto of the US, the UAE’s efforts remain a shining mark in the history of Emirati diplomacy. They stood up for their principles, their belief in justice, security and stability, regardless of their international partnerships and the positions of their traditional allies such as Washington.

This clearly reflects the strategic positions that the UAE has adopted in recent years, demonstrating its commitment to breaking the cycle of regional hostility, with the aim of eliminating the culture of hatred and ensuring the coexistence of people in the region. The UAE is committed to removing the justification for violence, incitement and bloodshed used by radicals on all sides. And it is shocked by Iran's escalation of aggression in launching UAVs towards Israel.

The UAE is a global role model in turning crises into opportunities and challenges into potential. That is why they have no time for media blackmail or political football. The Emirates are currently making every effort to overcome this unprecedented crisis by focusing on learning lessons and seeking solutions that will end the maelstrom of violence and permanently eradicate antagonism.

This begins with cultivating a culture of coexistence, which requires tremendous efforts from all in the midst of a Middle East full of discord sowing, tension promoting and inciting people. The Emirates see no response to these abominations other than to focus on fulfilling their mission and actively advocating for the human and civilizational values they believe in.

They are completely indifferent to those who suffer from the UAE hate syndrome in our region and beyond.