In a new footage from Oct 7th obtained by The Daily Mail, Noa Argamani is seen crying and screaming while being abducted by a group of terrorists.

One man is seen holding her head down and covering her with a bag.

The Hostages Families Forum Headquarters published the following statement in reaction to the video:

The shocking footage obtained by The Daily Mail of Noa Argamani from October 7th makes it clear - every single day that our loved ones remain in Hamas captivity puts their lives at grave risk.

It's been 189 days since Noa and 132 other children, women, and men were kidnapped by terrorists to Gaza.

The terror gripping Noa in this video has lasted 189 days already. We must all cry out her pain and secure the release of her and the other hostages now.

We are running out of time for Noa's terminally ill mother Liora, who is battling stage four brain cancer, to see her only daughter again before she passes away. Just last month, Liora recorded a heartrending video plea to President Biden, begging to be able to hug Noa one last time.

Noa's mother wants to see her, just as all the mothers, children, wives, and families of the hostages desperately want to see their loved ones freed immediately.

We reiterate our calls for the Israeli government and international community to do everything possible to secure the release of Noa, the 18 other women, and all 133 hostages before more innocent lives are tragically lost.