Moran Stella Yanai
Moran Stella YanaiHostages' Families Headquarters

Thousands of bikers set out this morning from the Carmel Beach and rode together south to the Supernova festival site. Along the way, they made a stop and toured the Hostages Square in Tel Aviv.

The closing ceremony was held at the Nova complex where singers Omri Goren and Idan Yaniv performed.

Released hostage Moran Stella Yanai said: "I can't believe I'm standing here and talking to you. I can't believe I've come back here. Sometimes I can't believe I came back. When I was there, I couldn't believe every day that I would return, but others believed, you believed, and it came true. Therefore, I believe that those who are still there, those who are still in the hell of Gaza, will return."

"Six months ago on a Saturday morning, I was caught here", she said, "they put me in a car and kidnapped me to Gaza. Six months since the driver turned around, looked at me and said 'Welcome to Gaza' and I am here with you. And you are here and we are just before the freedom holiday and now all that matters is that everyone gets out. That everyone goes home for freedom, that we all go for freedom."

"When I came out I didn't understand everyone's looks", she added, "I didn't realize that the looks were to see an overt miracle. That I came back, I didn't understand that. But a month passed, and another month, and the miracle didn't return. And we need a big miracle."

"I can tell you that for those who will return it will take a long time to understand what happened, it will take a long time", said Stella Yanai, "but they will see the look, the excitement, the joy, and the concern and they will understand and only then a miracle will happen again. We are called survivors, the survivors of Nova, the survivors of captivity, the survivors of the war, but we, who are here, who went through this, we are recovering and not just surviving."

"Those who are in the tunnels are the survivors and the heroes", she concluded, "but it's impossible to think they have more time they don't have they need to move from survivors to recoverers, from captives to free, they need to be with us. I am sending them the biggest support I can and I hope they hear us."