Terrorists in Samaria
Terrorists in SamariaReuters

Mock M-16 rifles and chants of "Wave a sword against a sword - we're you're men Mohammed Deif" and "Tell the Shin Bet dog - the time has come to exchange fire."

This was the scene this week at an inciting march of dozens of children in the village of Burqa in Samaria, near the Jewish village of Homesh, from which came several attacks against civilians and security forces in recent months.

The march was held during the day on one of the village's main streets, with a clear message to the already incited children: slaughter the Jews the moment you can, Hamas' acts on October 7th are the proper example.

Until now not one of these young terrorist were arrested or even taken for questioning.

As mentioned, a large terror group has been active in Burqa and has already committed several explosives and firebomb attacks against IDF soldiers and Homesh residents, in which several soldiers and civilians were wounded.

The "Fighting for Our Lives" forum, which leads the protests against terrorism in Judea and Samaria, related to the march: "It would seem as of (Central Command commander) Fox is doing everything he can to illustrate the level of his confusion and loss of values. The same day that there was an inciting march of young terrorists, a few kilometers away Border Police officers and Police detectives raided the town of Yitzhar and gave a 14-year-old boy, a 9th grader, a restraining order which was signed by Maj. Gen. Fox and orders him to stay under nightly house arrest and additional restrictions without proof or explanation.

"This incident gives an additional peek into the attitude of the security establishment in Judea and Samaria led by Maj. Gen. Fox, which sees Jewish teens as more of a danger to the state's security than murderous terrorists. If since Simchat Torah the public trust in the heads of the defense establishment was already hurt, Fox's policies that are being revealed every day should keep every citizen of Israel up at night."