Empty classroom(illustration)
Empty classroom(illustration)Flash90

The Education Ministry was forced to publish today (Wednesday) a notice stating there is no change in the security policy and there is no directive to return to distance learning after the Passover holiday.

This notice was necessary due to the messages sent by educators and teachers in recent days to parents stating that equipment and books should be collected from lockers and cupboards in schools for fear that after Passover a war will break out in the north and classes will move to Zoom.

"Dear parents, the Ministry of Education is talking about the possibility of distance learning and we prefer to prepare ahead of time and take home brochures and study books accordingly," the stressful WhatsApp message reads.

The last part of the message reads: "You are asked to make sure that each of you is in Google's cloud environment."

In light of this message, the Education Ministry was forced to clarify that no policy changes have been made and there are no plans to engage in distance learning after Passover.