Nuclear Iran
Nuclear IraniStock

Iran has greatly increased activity at the Fordow nuclear facility, moving it closer than ever to the production of nuclear weapons, according to a report published today (Wednesday) by the Washington Post.

Citing the International Atomic Energy Association's report on its February inspection of the Fordow facility, the Post noted that Fordow is undergoing a significant expansion that could double its output. In addition, Iran has been enriching a growing amount of uranium to near-weapons-grade at increasing levels, violating most limits on the amount of enriched uranium the country is allowed to have.

Officials said that Iran has enough highly enriched uranium now to create enough fuel for three nuclear bombs in as little as a few days to a few weeks. The creation of a "crude" bomb could take up to six months, while producing a warhead capable of being fitted on a missile could take up to two years.

The report noted that the Trump Administration pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 and stated that the withdrawal from the deal caused Iran to abandon it as well. The report only noted the deal's sunset provisions, which would see all restrictions on Iran's nuclear program expire in the coming years, in explaining the State of Israel's objections to the deal.

The Trump Administration imposed broad sanctions on Iran to curb its malignant activity and nuclear program. The Biden Administration, in an attempt to restore the nuclear deal, granted significant sanctions relief even as Iran ramped up its nuclear program again and refused any new agreement.

American and European officials stated that the Iranian regime feels emboldened to pursue its nuclear weapons program due to its strengthening alliances with Russia and China.