Protest at Sderot Junction
Protest at Sderot JunctionCity of Sderot

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi participated on Monday evening in a demonstration at the Sderot Junction to strengthen the residents of the communities located near the Gaza border, who have been calling for the realization of the goals of the war before withdrawing from Gaza.

"Where are the Prime Minister and his ministers, the members of the War Cabinet, both the expanded and the reduced cabinet, to present to the public the results of the overwhelming victory that justifies the significant reduction in the number of forces in the Gaza Strip and the end of the maneuver?" said Davidi.

"Before they announce the end of the maneuver, I expect them to announce that all the hostages have returned to their homes, that security has returned to all residents of the area and that Gaza is free from those who seek to harm us."

He added, "We must not stop firing on our enemies who are still alive, shooting at us, wishing for our end and holding our brothers and sisters in their hideouts."

"Prime Minister, don't stop! Only half a year ago, thousands of terrorists tried to eliminate the Jewish state, and what has changed now? The maneuver must not end without the return of the hostages, the defeat of Hamas, and the securing of our future here. The events of October 7 are the final justification for any action required for the purpose of securing our lives here, in our country," concluded Davidi.

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