Photos of the hostages
Photos of the hostagesMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Hamas breached the understandings that were reached in Paris and which stipulated that 40 hostages would be released, and is claiming that it knows the location of less than 40 hostages who are alive, Channel 12 News reported on Monday.

Hamas’ claims come at a time of reports of progress towards a hostage release deal and at a time in which Israel is demanding the list of 40 hostages to be released by Hamas.

According to the understandings which were reported in the Qatari newspaper Al Araby Al Jadeed, Hamas will release 40 hostages in exchange for a temporary ceasefire of six weeks.

According the proposal, the number of displaced persons allowed to return to the northern Gaza Strip would be increased to 6,000 from 2,000.

An ongoing dispute over the displaced persons revolves around Israel's demand to inspect everyone who returns to the northern Gaza Strip, a demand that Hamas refuses.

Al Jazeera reported that Israel will release 900 terrorists in the first phase of the deal, including 100 terrorists sentenced to life imprisonment.

The report also said that in the second phase of the deal, all the hostages will be released and negotiations will begin with the purpose of returning to "mutual calm".