airstrike in Gaza
airstrike in GazaAtia Mohammed/Flash90

Arabic media reported airstrikes against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip this evening (Monday).

Among the targets of the attack was the Hamas Interior Ministry building in Maghazi in the center of the Gaza Strip, at least three were killed - including the mayor.

The Ministry of Interior building is located next to the Al-Quds Open University branch. It was hit in two airstrikes near the entrance to the Maghazi camp.

All the maneuvering forces left the Gaza Strip on Sunday night – for the first time since the beginning of the war.

The ground maneuver ended with the exit of the entire 98th division from Khan Yunis after military activity there was stopped after four months of fighting.

The 162nd Division and Nahal Brigade are still on site, on the humanitarian route that splits the Gaza Strip into two.

To be noted that the IDF has redeployed its forces around the Gaza Strip, after the establishment of the new security zone. For the time being, the IDF is waiting for the political echelon to decide whether and when to enter Rafah and Deir al-Balah, where two Hamas brigades remain.