The WCK workers' vehicle after the strike
The WCK workers' vehicle after the strikeAtia Mohammed/Flash90

Israel's defense echelon is tending towards approving an external investigation into the deaths of World Central Kitchen employees last week, Kan Reshet Bet reported.

The investigation would be conducted by independent international organizations.

According to the report, such an investigation has been demanded by WCK itself, as well as other sources, and Israel intends to acquiesce.

The report noted that in the past, Israel refused to cooperate with international organizations on operational incidents, but now the situation has changed, due to the damage the incident wrought on aid organizations' faith in the IDF and the humanitarian issue in the international arena.

A security source said that the evidence collected until now, which includes testimonies and intelligence and visual materials from the IDF and Air Force will be presented, if need by, with full transparency to external organizations as well, out of full faith in the IDF's own investigation.

Despite the serious findings that the strike was executed in contradiction to protocol, and despite the fact that the humanitarian aid convoy was fully coordinated with the IDF, the military prosecution has not yet decided whether to open a criminal investigation into those involved.

The IDF investigation found that the incident could have been prevented and was caused by a misidentification by the aircraft and the mistaken perception that the vehicle contained armed terrorists, despite the fact that the operation was coordinated ahead of time with the IDF.