Yahya Sinwar
Yahya SinwarReuters

The B'Tsalmo human rights organization recently found that Amazon was selling the book "The Thorn and the Carnation," authored by Hamas leader and mass murderer Yahya Sinwar.

Upon making the discovery, B'Tsalmo CEO Shai Glick sent an angry letter to Amazon claiming that the selling of the book gives legitimacy to mass murder.

The e-commerce website promptly removed the book for sale.

Glick congratulated Amazon stating: "I congratulate the removal of Yahya Sinwar's book. The reality where an arch-terrorist sells a book through an American commerce company while he's responsible for the murder of thousands is unfathomable. We will continue to keep track so no terrorist or terror supporter will receive any support from anybody in the world. Sinwar's place is in the grave together with his books, not on Amazon."

The book for sale
The book for saleB'Tsalmo