Eric Adams meets hostages' familiesHostages Families Forum

An event of the Council of Jewish Organizations (COJO), dedicated to advancing the rights and needs of the Jewish community and Israel in general, was held on Sunday morning, where representatives of the Shtivi, Lifshitz, Shem-Tov, and Sharabi families met with politicians, members of Congress, and other officials, led by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The mayor spoke with the families, and at the end of his speech, Le’at Unger, a cousin of hostage Omer Shem-Tov, presented him with the hostages’ pin and pinned it on his shirt collar.

For half a year now, the mayor has been supporting the struggle for the release of the hostages and meeting with delegations from here that come to his city.

The Hostages Families Forum Headquarters expresses its gratitude to him for his contribution and dedication.