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The late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said a phrase whose suffix became an axiom more than fifty years ago, and is still relevant today: "We will have peace with the Arabs only when they will love their children more than they hate us". We will return to the beginning of the sentence at the end of the article.

So it is today, we continue to receive painful reminders and proofs of the characteristics, perceptions and priorities of our Arab enemies. Therefore, it is worth mentioning, sharpening and emphasizing a number of complementary insights in the spirit of Golda's words.

A better future awaits all of us when the Arabs invest the large sums of money they received, such as donations from the E.U or U.S, in their children's future, and not in terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails and in the families of murderers "Martyrs" who brutally tortured and murdered Jewish civilians.

They will learn to live in peace, on the day when education for their youngsters will overcome the rampant incitement and preaching glorifying terrorists and martyrs in universities, schools and kindergartens.

A better quality of life and livelihood will be the lot of Arabs when they love their families more than they want to take the lives of innocent Jews. They will enjoy prosperity when they prefer a good life above ground rather than investing in terrorism, weapons and the terror infrastructure beneath it, in the subterrain.

The Arabs will be recognized for their contribution to humanity when they develop technology and science for the benefit of society, and not for the production of a new explosive device, rocket or the digging of a sophisticated bunker and tunnel. In short, when they prefer to invest in finding a solution to some disease, more than they invest in sowing death and terror.

The Arabs will enjoy peace and quiet in their cities and villages, will be able to rebuild their bombed and destroyed infrastructure and homes, on a day when their leaders will love and care for them more than for the terrorists and themselves, for the comforts of their own lives, their fancy homes and their blown-up bank accounts... Invested in distant districts (not even close to the Gaza strip).

The situation of the Arabs in the Gaza Strip will improve when the Arabs prefer medical equipment, and life-saving medicines more than they are fond of combat equipment and ammunition that injure and kill. In the Gaza Strip, families will not be harmed and people will not become disabled and "martyrs", on the day when their leaders will love them alive and healthy more than the sight of abducted, wounded and dead Israelis.

In the Gaza Strip and throughout Judea and Samaria, tens of thousands of poor families will have a livelihood, security and a comfortable life, on a day when they sanctify the instinct for life more than the satanic desire to buy weapons, kidnap children, massacre Jews and die a martyr's death.

There will be a long ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and a lot of seemingly innocent Arab residents, who are being killed and injured, will live - on a day when Hamas leaders will care more about their well-being than preventing the release of the 133Israeli abductees held by force, dead or alive, somewhere in the Gaza strip.

It will be possible to think of living together side by side, respecting and understanding one the other, when the Arabs prove that they prefer to resolve internal disputes in nonviolent ways, which do not include "honor killings" of a daughter by her father for instance, and a 40-year-old vendetta threatening every descendant or relative of the suspect.

In the meantime, until the Messiah arrives, or until Arab leaders arise from among our enemies who change from their murderous nature and manner (the first of the two), we must be strong and determined to live and win. "Israel has no privilege to lose even one war", said David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister!

This is the place to mention the phrase mentioned in the introduction, which Golda Meir said: "We are able to forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children". We cannot necessarily agree to this part of the sentence, if only because of the disturbing claim that we are capable of forgiving the Arabs for killing our children. This should never be forgiven, but quite the opposite. It is worth remembering and mentioning the words of Israels national poet H.N Bialik, who wrote "On the Slaughter", following the pogrom against the Jews of Kishinev during April 1903:"Vengeance of the blood of a small child has not yet been created by Satan."

*Based on a Hebrew version published in "MAKOR RISHON"