Iranian military planes
Iranian military planesReuters

The IRGC has announced that it intends to realize the national demand to punish the enemy in a manner that will cause it to regret the crime of the bombing in Damascus on April 1st that killed several senior Iranian officials.

An official letter from the IRGC praised the Iranian people for their participation in Al-Quds day and the funerals of those killed, noting that the act was a source of hope for the "oppressed, heroic Palestinians" and strengthened the determination of the organization to stand firm against the "Zionist entity."

The IRGC alleged that the "occupation's" cruel crimes include mass destruction, forced starvation, and continuing the illusion that it is capable of eliminating the firm stance of the Iranian nation.

The message to the Iranian people emphasized that Iran is strong and revolutionary, as their heroic sons are eager for action in the IRGC and will, with God's help, realize the national demand based on punishing the Zionist enemy and its supporters for their "criminal, cowardly acts of terror," the latest of which was directed at the Iranian consulate, in a manner that would cause them to regret the attack.

Shortly before that, the chief of Staff of Iran's armed forces, Muhamad Bakari, stated that the enemy would regret its actions, and that Iran would decide the manner of its revenge. He warned that Israel should understand that its time was up and that nothing of it would remain.