IllustrationIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The British Guardian newspaper on Friday revealed the identity of the commander of Israel’s Unit 8200, the Israeli Intelligence Corps unit of the IDF responsible for clandestine operation.

According to the report, the commander left his identity exposed online.

The embarrassing security lapse is linked to a book he published on Amazon, which left a digital trail to a private Google account created in his name, along with his unique ID and links to the account’s maps and calendar profiles.

The Guardian confirmed with multiple sources that he is the secret author of a 2001 book in which he offers a radical vision for how artificial intelligence can transform the relationship between military personnel and machines.

The IDF said in response to the leak, “The book in question was published several years ago and the address mentioned in it is not used by the officer personally and has not been used in the past. However, the revelation of the officer's personal details is a glitch. The issue will be investigated to prevent the recurrence of similar cases in the future.”

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