The WCK workers' vehicle after the strike
The WCK workers' vehicle after the strikeAtia Mohammed/Flash90

An antisemitic death announcement was issued Thursday in the birthplace of Damian Sobol, a World Central Kitchen (WCK) employee who was killed earlier this week in an airstrike on Gaza.

According to the announcement, Sobol was killed in "a Jewish strike on Gaza," Kan News reported.

Sobol's birthplace is known as a city where extremists are rampant.

The parents of a dual American-Canadian aid worker killed in the strike, Jacob Flickinger, told CBS' "Mornings" that the convoy was making its way along a humanitarian route approved by Israel, and that the convoy and vehicles were "clearly marked. ... The facts on the ground seem to indicate that it wasn't a 'tragic accident.'"

"If it was a terrible mistake, let's give them the benefit of the doubt, and I don't have a horse in this race in terms of the conflict, but then the Israeli military is extremely incompetent and the leaders that are running this campaign are incompetent, because this is not the first aid convoy or group that has been accidentally killed, there've been over 208 workers killed delivering food to a starving population."

Flickinger's parents also said that neither the Canadian nor US government had reached out to them, and that all of their information has come from the media.

"Someone from the embassy in Jerusalem called the day that Jacob was killed. I haven't heard from anyone since," his father said.